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Marble Background

Jeffrey L Rosenberg

The Founder of Our Law Firm in Old Westbury, NY

Take a moment to learn more about Jeffrey L. Rosenberg and his law firm in Old Westbury, NY. He has dedicated himself and his law firms to serving his clients' best interests in the areas of: commercial and contract litigation, corporate and securities transactions, and mergers and acquisitions. His dedication is unrelenting in litigation matters— he is known as a "bull-dog". Don't hesitate to reach out to our office today!

Background and Record of Success

Mr. Rosenberg has a diverse legal, business, and technical background. He graduated from the nationally acclaimed Brooklyn Technical High School in 1964. Thereafter, he obtained a degree with distinction at the UCLA School of Law, serving as the Associate Editor of the UCLA Law Review — publishing a groundbreaking article entitled: "Harmless Constitutional Error, A Doctrine Grounded In Internal Inconsistency".

Following law school, Mr. Rosenberg was Associate General Counsel of "Equity Funding Corporation", a listed "Fortune 100 Company",  concentrating on corporate and securities transactions, related to a myriad of proprietary mutual funds, including real estate, cattle and gas partnerships, and other investment vehicles.

Thereafter, Mr. Rosenberg was associated with and a partner of the Rosenman Colin Law Firm, and was the head of the corporate department at Fink, Weinberger, Fredman, Berman & Lowell. 

On the proprietary side, in consideration of the grant of a large stock position, and at the request of the Lead Investment Banking Firm, Mr. Rosenberg served as President and Chief Executive Officer and as a member of the Board of Directors of Cleopatra Kholique, a publicly traded cosmetics manufacturing company from 1986 to 1989.

Returning to Law

In late 1989, Mr. Rosenberg returned to his first love — the practice of law — joining with his long-time friend and partner, Benjamin Fein, a renowned tax attorney at the nationally acclaimed Rosenman & Colin LLP Law Firm, a distinguished New York based firm with a nearly century-long reputation for providing the highest quality legal work and client services (n/k/a Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP), to form the boutique law firm of Rosenberg & Fein. 

Mr. Rosenberg's success, in large part, is based on serving as CEO of a public company, where he dealt with a broad range of complex corporate, commercial and contract issues. Mr. Fein was regarded as a highly-skilled tax and real estate  attorney. Thus, the boutique law firm of Rosenberg & Fein was able to offer, contract, corporate, tax, real estate and commercial services on a personal basis, including innovative and sophisticated investment banking, tax, securities, intellectual property, legal, and business representation — otherwise provided only by much larger law firms.

These core principles continue with Jeffrey L. Rosenberg & Associates LLC, where personal and immediate attention is greatly valued by our clients.